A New Horizon for Tinies: Embracing Change & Innovation

Recently, we've been made aware of concerns regarding similarities between our game and others in the market. We want to assure our fans that we take these concerns seriously, and we are committed to making significant changes to ensure that our game stands out as a unique and engaging experience. This blog post will outline the exciting new directions we are taking in various aspects of our game.

Art & Design: A New Vision for Tinies Games

At Tinies, we understand the importance of standing out in a crowded market. Our goal is to create an art style that is not only unique but also resonates with players who appreciate innovative and engaging design. We've taken the feedback seriously and are embracing a new direction that will set our game apart.

Character Design

Our champions are the heart and soul of our game, and we want them to be as distinctive as they are engaging. We are moving away from the traditional outline and introducing a complete artistic rework. By using toon shaders in combination with a different outline, we are crafting characters that are vibrant, expressive, and full of personality:

  • Emphasizing Individuality: Each character will have its unique traits, animations, and visual cues that reflect their personality and role within the game.
  • Cultural References: Introducing characters that resonate with various cultures and backgrounds to create a more inclusive and appealing experience

The user interface is the gateway to the gaming experience, and at Tinies Games, we are committed to providing an interface that is intuitive, unique, and engaging. We've taken a fresh look at our menus and UI, redesigning them to ensure zero similarity with other games and crafting an experience that is unmistakably ours.

Home Screen

The home screen is the first impression players get of our game, and we want it to be memorable. We've simplified and redesigned the layout to incorporate different visual elements that will create a streamlined easy gaming experience for players.

Tinies - Home Screen
Tinies - Home Screen

Season Pass

We've reimagined the season pass to have a 2-in-1 combination among premium & free users on the same screen to provide a seamless and distinctive experience together with:

  • Progress Tracking: A clear and visually appealing progress tracker can help players see their achievements and goals, motivating them to engage more with the game.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporating interactive previews or tooltips that provide information in an engaging way can enhance user understanding and enjoyment.

Champion Selection

The champion selection screen merged the selection and preview of characters into one seamless interface. This custom design allowed players to browse through champions, make their selection, see their summary including champion class, difficulty, basic & passive abilities, explore the trophy journey and view stats upgrades all on the same screen.

By integrating these elements, we crafted an authentic user journey that not only streamlined the selection process but also enriched the connection between players and their chosen champions. This was more than a design change; it was a step towards a more engaging and personalized gaming experience.


At Tinies, we believe in constantly evolving to enhance our player experience. With this in mind, we're thrilled to unveil our newly designed shop, meticulously crafted to offer a streamlined and intuitive shopping journey. Divided into four main sections, our shop ensures that players can easily navigate and find what they're looking for.

Home: A Daily Dose of Excitement

The Home sub-section is your daily destination for fresh content. Updated every 24 hours, this section offers a diverse range of items to keep the excitement alive. From exclusive skins and avatars to packs of candies, there's always something new to discover. And for those invested in the long-term journey, the battle pass remains a constant feature in this section, ensuring easy access for our dedicated players.

Coins: Your Gateway to Soft Currency

Understanding the importance of in-game currency, we've dedicated an entire sub-section to Coins. Here, players can explore various options to purchase the game's soft currency. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated fan, there's a package tailored to suit your needs.

Tinies - Shop Coins
Tinies - Shop Coins

Candies: Level Up Your Champions

Candies play a pivotal role in enhancing your champions, and our Candies sub-section ensures you have ample opportunities to stock up. With different options available, players can choose the package that aligns with their gameplay strategy and champion leveling goals.

Tinies - Shop Candies
Tinies - Shop Candies

Free: Rewards for the Dedicated

We value dedication and commitment. That's why we've introduced the Free sub-section, a special corner of the shop where players can claim packs of candies. All you need to do is complete a set number of daily games, and these candy packs are yours to claim. It's our way of saying thank you for your unwavering support and passion.

Tinies - Shop Free
Tinies - Shop Free

After-Match Screens: Celebrating Every Battle

Every match in Tinies, whether it's a 1vs1 duel or a team clash, is a story of strategy, skill, and excitement. To honor these moments and provide players with insights and reflections, we're introducing new after-match screens tailored for both individual and team modes.

1vs1 Duels: Post-match, players will be presented with a detailed breakdown of their performance. This includes key metrics, highlights, and even areas for improvement. This screen isn't just about statistics; it's about understanding your gameplay, celebrating your achievements, and gearing up for the next challenge.

Tinies - 1vs1 Duels
Tinies - 1vs1 Duels

Team Battles: The essence of team matches is collaboration. Our new after-match screen for teams will showcase individual contributions while highlighting team dynamics. From MVP awards to team-based stats, players can see how they contributed to the team's success and where they fit in the larger strategy.

Tinies - Teams
Tinies - Teams 

These screens are designed with the player in mind, offering a blend of analytics, celebration, and feedback. We believe that every match is a learning experience, and with these new screens, players can grow, adapt, and become even more formidable competitors in the world of Tinies.

Community Engagement: Recognition and Rewards

At Tinies, our community is not just an audience; it's a vital part of our journey. We believe in celebrating those who actively engage, contribute, and enrich our community.

Tinies - Credits Section
Tinies - Credits Section

In-Game Acknowledgment:Creativity knows no bounds, and we're continually inspired by the fan art and community actions that breathe life into Tinies. To honor these contributions, we're introducing a special section within the game credits. Here, we'll acknowledge and celebrate the creators and contributors whose passion has shaped Tinies in unique ways.

Your voice, your creativity, and your engagement matter to us. These new initiatives are our way of saying thank you and encouraging even more collaboration and creativity. Together, we're not just playing a game; we're building a community, a world, and a shared adventure in Tinies.

User Profile: Your Personalized In-Game Base

In Tinies, every player is unique, and we believe your in-game base should reflect that individuality. That's why we're excited to introduce enhanced user profile customization, allowing you to shape your in-game base to match your style and preferences.

Tinies - Player Base
Tinies - Player Base

Collect & Customize:Your base is your home within the world of Tinies, and now you can make it truly yours. Collect various elements, decorations, and themes to personalize your base. Whether you want to showcase your achievements, represent your favorite champions, or create a visual style that's uniquely yours, the possibilities are endless.

Your base in Tinies is more than just a starting point; it's a personal statement, a strategic hub, and a space that's truly yours. Dive into this new world of customization and make your mark in Tinies.

Visual Cohesiveness

We are committed to creating a visual experience that is cohesive across all aspects of the game.

  • Consistent Theming: Utilizing a consistent color scheme, unique typography, and visual elements that are unified and authentic from the game.
  • Animated Transitions: Smooth and visually appealing transitions between menus to bring a unique sophistication to the overall experience when navigating through the screens.

Environment: Crafting a Unified and Authentic World in Tinies Games

The environment in a game is more than just a backdrop; it's a living, breathing world that enhances immersion and enjoyment. At Tinies Games, we've taken a bold step in reimagining our game's environment to create a distinctive and cohesive experience that resonates with our players.

Unique Maps

Tinies - New Maps Layouts

Bushes: A Unique Touch

Venturing into the heart of our environment design, bushes stand as pivotal elements in our game's maps. They're not just aesthetic features but strategic enclaves for champions to maneuver and strategize. We've embarked on a journey to redesign these bushes, crafting unique patterns for each map.

This meticulous design approach ensures that every map offers a distinct visual and strategic experience, while still maintaining a cohesive design language. The new bushes not only elevate the visual appeal but also weave in fresh gameplay dynamics, making each map a unique battleground.

Aesthetic: Toon Shading

To create a unified and authentic experience, we are implementing toon shading across the entire game environment. This aesthetic choice aligns perfectly with the new direction of our characters, creating a cohesive visual language that is both engaging and distinctive.

Tinies - New Art for Tinies Champions

VFX: Trails

In our pursuit of authenticity and distinction, we're introducing a unique VFX trail for each character. These trails are not just visual effects; they're a representation of each character's essence. Crafted with care, they encompass authenticity while maintaining a cohesive style that truly embodies the spirit and personality of each character. This is yet another step in ensuring that every element in Tinies resonates with depth and originality.

Tinies - VFX: Trails

Player Base Design: A Unique Identity

In our continuous effort to ensure Tinies stands out in the gaming landscape, we're undertaking a significant rework of the player base design. Our goal is to move away from any resemblances to other mobile MOBA games and craft a design that is unmistakably Tinies.

Tinies - Custom Player Base

Central to this redesign is the introduction of a double outline, utilizing distinct colors to easily differentiate between the player character and enemies. This not only enhances visual clarity but also adds a layer of strategy, ensuring every match is both visually engaging and tactically rich.

Gameplay mechanics: Redefining Engagement in Tinies Games

Gameplay mechanics are the heartbeat of any game, defining how players interact, engage, and enjoy the experience. At Tinies Games, we've listened to our community and are implementing exciting new mechanics that will take our game to new heights of fun and engagement.

Kill Streaks: A Visual Feast

Accumulating kill streaks is a thrilling part of any competitive game, and we're enhancing this experience with visual 2D appealing signs on the HUD. Combined with a dynamic colorful outline, these visual cues will make kill streaks more visible to enemies, adding a new layer of strategy and excitement.

Tinies - Kill Streaks VFX

Main Game Mode: Sweet Fest

We're introducing a main game mode that draws inspiration from some of the most engaging MOBA experiences. In this mode, players will focus on farming monsters to gain power-ups, leading to a final battle against enemy bases.

Tinies - Sweet Fest Game mode
Tinies - Sweet Fest Game mode

Key Features:

  • Strategic Farming: Players will need to strategically farm monsters in various areas, similar to the jungle farming in popular MOBAs. This adds depth and strategy, requiring players to make tactical decisions.
  • Dynamic Power-Ups: Gaining power-ups through farming will provide temporary boosts and abilities, allowing for varied and exciting gameplay.
  • Final Battle: The culmination of farming and gaining power-ups will lead to an intense final battle against enemy bases, where strategy, teamwork, and skill will be key to victory.
Tinies - Sweet Fest HUD
Tinies - Sweet Fest HUD

Cross-Device Support: Play Anywhere, Anytime

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to Tinies: cross-device support. Now, you can dive into the world of Tinies not just on mobile but also on PC, including both Windows and Mac OS.

We believe in breaking barriers and offering our players the flexibility to enjoy the game on their preferred platform. This cross-device support stands as a testament to our commitment to accessibility and distinction, ensuring that Tinies is always within your reach, no matter where you are.

Supporting Our Content Creators: A Commitment to Growth and Collaboration

At Tinies, we recognize the invaluable contribution of content creators, especially those who have joined us during these early stages of our project. Their passion, creativity, and dedication play a pivotal role in shaping our community and bringing our game to a wider audience. To show our appreciation and support, we're introducing several initiatives aimed at fostering a symbiotic relationship with our content creators.

Limited Edition Skins: A Sign of Appreciation

To further celebrate and support our content creators, we're designing limited edition skins for our champions. These skins are not just cosmetic upgrades; they're a testament to the collaboration between Tinies and our content creators. By donning these skins, players can showcase their support for their favorite creators and introduce their audience to the vibrant world of Tinies.

Creator Code: Empowering Creators

Drawing inspiration from successful models like Fortnite's creator code, we're excited to introduce the "Creator Code" system in Tinies Games, tailored for a Brawl Stars type of gameplay. Here's how it works:

Tinies - Support Creators
Tinies - Support Creators
  • Code Assignment: Content creators will be assigned a unique code.
  • Player Support: Players can enter their favorite creator's code in the game. This signifies their support for that particular creator.
  • Rewards: When players make in-game purchases or achieve certain milestones, a small percentage is shared with the content creator whose code they've entered. This provides a tangible way for fans to support their favorite creators.
  • Visibility: Content creators with the most active codes might get featured within the game, giving them more visibility and helping them grow their audience.

Our commitment to content creators goes beyond mere words. Through rich gameplay, exclusive skins, and the Creator Code system, we aim to provide a platform where creators can thrive, grow, and collaborate with us. Together, we can build a community that celebrates creativity, passion, and the joy of gaming.


At Tinies, we are driven by a passion for creativity and a commitment to our players. The changes we are implementing reflect our dedication to providing a unique and engaging gaming experience. We want to thank our community for their feedback and assure them that we are listening. Together, we are embarking on an exciting new journey, and we can't wait to share it with you. Join us as we explore new horizons and redefine what it means to be a game in the world of Tinies.